What is Laminate?

There are many kinds of Plastic envelope both only one layer (OPP) and several layers called Laminate envelope with various material ; such as OPP, CPP, NYLOY, LLDPE, PET, ALU, MCPP, etc. Each kind has different property ; some kind is durable the heat , light protection , leakage protection if sealing or some kind is suitable to freeze. These distinguishing characteristic depend on its material suitable for each product or goods and its varieties are needed to be used properly according to the goods like liquid product and oil product , powder product , frozen product , bakery or fried foods and more. Especially, the export goods are extremely needed to select the proper package, strong and good looking for their goods or additionally put the color on the package in order to have value added , worth and attract the customer. Therefore, we need to know the basic knowledge of each product which kind is suitable for any package. We can distinguish the product as follow :

1. Liquid product ; such as dishwashing liquid , vegetable oil , frozen product

- Packaging for such the kind is needed to be flexible in order to protect the falling making it torn, protect Gas , Oil , endure the pressure and be able to use with high temperature packing. Mostly, the package is standing pouch so as to economize the area on shelf and convenient for usability. This package is made from many film layers.

2. Powder product as coffee , flour , detergent

- The property of this package is to protect air , endure the heat , protect the static electricity and the most importance is to protect the light since these products are able to transform if touching the air or heat. There are several kinds of packaging to contain these product ; such as sealing envelope - 3 sides , center sealing , standing pouch and standing pouch with zipper, etc.

3. Frozen product and vacuum or non-vacuum packed as pickled vegetable , chili sauce and fresh food.

- We call this packaging as vacuum bags. Its property is tough , durable to oil and acid , good to protect gas , suitable to preserve the smelled food , taste and fresh food. The feature of the package is sealing 3 sides , standing pouch and standing pouch with zipper mostly made from NYLON / LLDPE , etc.

4. Bakery , Bread , Sandwich and Snack

- The package for these products is quite clear and glossy , good to protect the light and smell , able to protect the humidity and good to preserve the taste of food, so the product is always fresh and crisp. The feature of package is center sealing bags or rolling automatic packing mostly made from OPP / CPP material , etc.

When selecting the suitable package for each product, the another import factor to preserve the product quality is the strong which must be highly tight and no leakage. Also, it should be approved the quality by the modern inspection machine before packing the products and the producer should be careful to seal well the packing. Moreover, some kind of envelope may be adjusted the material specification to be compatible the lamination even the film is thick or thin , possibly to increase or decrease its layer according to how to use the product , and how much thickness. Also, it is needed to make it suit for customer requirement due to customer's objective to minimize the cost or to prolong the preservation or others but it should be proper measure.

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